CRC - Stock Turbo - Pump Gas Base Map Tune

CRC - Stock Turbo - Pump Gas Base Map Tune

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Tuning by Crawford Race Calibrations for 91-93 octane Pump Gas

Flash Tuning is an excellent way to increase the performance of your vehicle in both stock configuration and with upgraded components.  The Base map tuning is a great start to your tuning experience and is upgradeable to a custom calibration at anytime when you are ready for it.

Base Map Tunes are a one size fits all type and as such, the calibration must be acceptable for a broad variety of fuel qualities, after market part variety and of course remain safe.  So while these Base Map Calibrations still add a substantial bump in power over the stock tuning, there is room left by design for safety across these variance to improve upon the performance gains available.  This is accomplished by choosing to have custom calibration revisions performed to your vehicle based on logging feedback to the tuner via email.  The tuner will review the data logging information and further refine the calibration to custom tailor a tune that works most efficiently with your engines existing requirements for fueling, boost and ignition timing with the fuel octane available.  This should not be confused with tuning "on the edge" as safety and reliability are always the number one concern with a CRC Tune. 

CRC Base Map Calibrations are 100% proven both on a Chassis Dyno as well as under road conditions to verify that both power and drive-ability remain within above an acceptable standard.

To select the appropriate tune for your vehicle, Please choose the Modifications you will be using the tune with from the drop down menu options above along with the vehicle information so we can provide the correct calibration for you.

These calibrations are flashed using the MHD Flasher app available for android devices on the google Playstore.  They require the use of an OBD2 INPA Cable available as an option for purchase in the drop down menus above.  The MHD Flasher app requires a one time purchase license to activate and be able to use the flashing app.  Purchase of the license is done through the app itself with PayPal and a phone or Internet connection.


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